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Camp Packing List
Camp Packing List
*2-3 pair Uniform (shorts and shirts
* 2-3 pair "Sunday whites"
* 6 - 8 additional shorts and Heart shirts
2  pair long pants or jeans for riding
1 nice dress or shorts (dance)
* 8 pair socks
10 pair underwear
* 2 nightshirts or pajamas
* 1-2 sweatshirts or light jacket
2 swim suits
1 pair shoes or sandals (dress-up occasions)
1 pair boots for riding
1 pair rubber waterfront shoes
1 pair “Sunday white” tennis shoes
1 pair every-day tennis shoes
4 - 6 bath towels & wash cloths for daily use when bathing
1 - 2 beach towels for swimming and taking to waterfront
1 towel or yoga mat for sitting at tribe gatherings and movie nights (it will get grass on it)
1 hard hat for riding
1 pillow
* 2 pillow cases
 2 sets of twin sheets (or you may use our linens, but must reserve them ahead, no charge)
*1 blanket or comforter
* 2 laundry bags
1 trunk to put everything in!
* Water bottle
Sleeping Bag
2-3 face mask/coverings
Musical instrument
* Stationery, pen, stamps
Alarm clock (older girls)
* Toiletries, favorite stuffed animal, costumes or silly hats
90’s Field day costume
Dia de los Muertos carnival costume


!!note: we do laundry once a week so bring what you need, but please limit packing to two items (ex: one bag and one trunk)!! Living quarters will be neater and cleaner with less stuff; let’s minimize the chance of spreading germs at camp!

*These items are available in our Trading Post


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